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K2 is the name of a type of synthetic marijuana. It’s often marketed under several names, including: JWH-018, Cannabanoid, Spice, Texas Gold, Serenity Now, K2 Blonde, and other names. While it’s not illegal everywhere at the time this is being written, there are a lot of concerns about the incense that people smoke to get a similar ‘high’ as marijuana.  Panic attacks, elevated heart rates, and several seizures have been reported. Many discussions weighing in on the topic have talked about the fact that it can cause dependency as well. On Canadian CTV news, it was reported that more than 500 such negative incidents from using it have been brought to light in 2010.

About K2 and Other Synthetic Marijuana

K2 is a brand name for an herbal product that is supposedly not traceable, like marijuana, so used by many people as an alternative to pot smoking. Many say it’s not as strong of a high but some say there are other concerns as well.

It’s available in several flavours from smoke shops. It doesn’t contain THC but according to a K2 article on CNN, the drugs in it:  JWH-018 and JWH-073 are made in China, are unregulated, and could have higher potencies than THC due to other chemicals used.

Several other brands, using the name K2, are also on the market and many indicate that there has been a rise in counterfeit K2-like products and consumers can’t be sure what sorts of chemicals are contained in the packages. Many say “not for consumption’ directly on the packages and there seems to be zero accountability due to the fact that they’re being categorized as “incense”. Many anticipate (or are calling for) it being banned on a near global basis in the very near future.

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